Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinerly: A Pinterest Dashboard

Happy Monday!

I was looking through some blogs this morning and came across a new site called Pinerly (over at My Covered Bridge) and had to check it out.

It is a Pinterest dashboard and it looks pretty awesome. I am currently on the waiting list so I need your help! If you follow this link: and sign up with your email address you will be added to the list as well. If I can get 5 friends to sign up I can get an early invite. 10 friends signed up would give me some bonus features.

As soon as I get in I will do a follow up post to let everyone know how it is! As far as I have seen (from my sneak peak) one of the features tracks your pins for you and their traffic....pretty cool if you ask me!

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  1. Love pinterest and LOVE your blog!! Newest reader!