Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Wedding Day!

I just wanted to share a few more photos from our wedding day. Almost everything from our wedding (decor, invitations, programs etc) were DIY and I wanted to give a glimpse of the things we created before diving into some of the projects in seperate posts.

I love the color green of the bridesmaids dresses. We searched high and low to find something and these fit perfect!

One of my favorite pictures. My hubby got a little (to put it mildly:) ) choked up during the ceremony and it was precious. This photo captures that and just looks so sweet.

Our kissy dip after our first dance together as a married couple (to All I Ask of You, from Phantom).

This is one of the many DIY projects we did for our wedding. My husband ordered the two wooden birds online and we painted them and used two different rubber stamps to give them the design. We attached small rods and stuck them in our wedding cake.

This was our "family" head table. Dan and I decided to sit with our parents and forgo the sweatheart table. I love how it turned out!

We also made our place cards. We found a large lot of vintage wine corks online and tied them together in groups of three with twine. My poor husband had blisters from tying all of these. He was so awesome though helping with everything!

My cousin Katie over at ohh baby designs does some awesome graphic designs and she was kind enough to help us out with our paper product designs (we made our programs, invitations, RSVPs, place cards etc). She took our ideas, designs and inspiration and brought it to life!

Dan suprised me by researching and coming up with using green glass wine bottles as our table numbers. He worked with someone over on Etsy to design the labels. We had to take the original labels off of all the bottles which was a bit tendious but the end result was really neat and fit beatifully.

The wooden candle holders were made by my dad. Dan and his brothers went out into the great outdoors (back yard woods) and found the perfect limb (it had moss on it in some places too which I loved) and we took it to my dad and he cut them down for us. Then he drilled out holes that the candles fit into. We had them sitting out at all of the tables. Underneath is just squares of burlap that helped to pull everything together.

The green glass is an assortment of things we found at Good Will and Estate Specialist shops over the months leading up to the big day. I love the vintage feel they added.

Other than my rings this was the only jewelry I decided to wear. The pearl bracelet was a gift from my aunt and the earrings were my "borrowed" and "blue" from my cousin.

Dan went out and found these super cool cake servers that looked like wood limbs! Do I have an awesome spouse or what?!

Our cake was done in three tiers and used wood slices (made to look just like a traditional cake stand, just out of centercuts and large tree branches). They were all different heights and sizes and the result was exactly what I was going for!

Our wedding programs! We made these ourselves! A true labor of love, let me just say! We used a cricut machine to cut the shape of the kraft paper as front and back of the program after printing our front design. Then we typed up our pages and secured them together using a sewing machine with green thread.

Here is our thumbprint tree table. We found (on Etsy) a design for a tree and had it printed with the colors we wanted, our name and date of the wedding. We picked three different ink colors for guests to come "leaf their thumbprint" and sign their name with a gold metalic pen. I know you are thinking thats probably messy, which it can be, but we added a little box of hand whipes for people to use to clean up with.



I need to find somewhere to hang this in our house now. Its still waiting for a home! This is the design before the leaves were added :)

I LOVE how the thumbprints turned out.

I took another tree slice and painted it with a few coats of chalkboard paint. Then I just drew on a B for our last name and found a plate/frame stand and set it out on our cake table. I really like how you can see the bark on the edges.



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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Built-in Bookcases: Part 1

We are in the process of adding some built-in bookcases flanking our fireplace in our living room. My dad, who is very crafty and has been helping us (basically doing everything and we help). He is awesome! About a month ago we painted the walls and back in November we ordered an 8x10 rug and a new sectional couch from West Elm. It's scheduled to arrive the second week in about some patience! Good news is that it gives us time to get things like these bookcases done (along with some other DIY projects for this space) before everything arrives. Please excuse the clutter that surrounds our fireplace and the Christmas card holder that is still above it. 
We built the "shell" of the bookcases at my dads shop and brought them over in two pieces, the lower cabinet section and then the taller, slightly thinner, bookshelf part. We lined them up and anchored them to the walls. 

Here is my handy-man dad putting the facing on the shelving. We decided to add a little texture to the facing by using wood that has some grooves carved into it. 

Here is how we connected them at the ceiling. This will eventually have crown moulding at the top to finish of the "built-in" look.

You can see the design in the wood a little better in this picture. Also, that white is caulking that will be touched up and not even noticeable once everything has been painted. Caulking is harder than it looks, at least for me....and VERY messy!

We've made more progress this week on the lower cabinet area. Now it just needs some doors. We start sanding, priming and painting everything now! I am so excited and can't wait to see it when its all finished! It's already completely changed the look of the room and overall feel of the house too (the room looks MUCH wider). 

I will have more updates the end of this week hopefully! 

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