Thursday, December 22, 2011

We Were Featured!

This will be short and sweet. I just wanted to share that Dan and I were featured on Poptastic Bride!

Crystal George, our amazing photographer (who we couldn't be more thrilled with), took our ideas for a Phantom of the Opera styled engagement shoot and ran with it. Her work is amazing! Head on over and check it out:

To see more of Crystals creative and beautiful work you can visit her website and blog at

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Way He Was Raised

Today I was sorting through some songs looking for Christmas music and I came across this song and remembered hearing it for the first time. Its by Josh Turner (love all of his music by the way). I suggest listening to it first (if you have not already heard it) before reading the lyrics.

Here are the lyrics:

He always wore those worn out flip-flops
Spent hours in his Daddy's workshop
he loved being on the water
Fishing with His friends
He always listened to the old folks
When they'd tell stories and crack jokes
Didn't talk back to his Mama
When she got onto Him

Oh, that's just the way He was raised
Had to finish all His chores 'fore He could go outside and play
they always went to church that's were he learned how to pray
And that's just the way He was raised

He grew His hair out when He got older
Grew it clear down to His shoulders
Started hanging with the outcasts
When He went off to town
Some called Him a troublemaker
Even some said a lawbreaker
No matter how they talked about Him
He never put nobody down

'Cause that's just the way He was raised
When people start to gossip, He'd just walk away
He always loved his neighbor no matter what they'd say
Oh, that's just the way He was raised

On a cross, on a hill
That long haired boy was killed
All our sins washed away
When He walked out of that grave

Oh, that's just the way He was raised
there's no way we can measure
The sacrifice He made
He knew He had to die
For our debt to be paid
Oh, that's just the way He was raised

It took the hand of God to roll the stone away
And that's just the way He was raised
Yeah, that's just the way He was raised

I remember hearing the first part of the song and thinking it was a very pretty song but not having any idea that he was talking about Jesus. The end of the song still gives me chills.

I just wanted to share it with you all. Its truly one of my all time favorite songs.  I know being raised is typically Easters deal and it may not have bells chiming in the background but its in my Christmas music line up anyway. :)

P.S. More wedding pics coming soon!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding Bells

As most of you may know, recently I married my best friend and love of my life! We are so happy to start this next chapter and share with you as we go. I wanted to kick off our blog by sharing some pictures from our wedding day. I plan to add a few more but these are some of my favorites :)

This is probably my favorite of all of them. We were so excited!

Me and the girls! Starting on the left is Amy, a very best friend of mine, (we spent our High School days living next door to each other). Next is my sister-in-law Jennifer who is expecting!! I can't wait to be an aunt! Then there is me (of course). To the right of me (looking at the photo) is Dottie, who I met working at Genworth and have become very close to. Her daughter was also our flower girl and was cute as a button!! And on the far right is my childhood friend Sara who I have basically known my entire life and I love that we are still so in touch. All of these girls mean so much to me and I can't imagine my wedding day without them.

This photo makes me giggle. We are supposed to be looking stoic but if you pay attention we have some grinners in the group! But I love it anyways!

The colors in this picture (and the handsome men) are awesome! Dan had his father and his brothers as his groomsmen.


So handsome!!

Starting on the left is John (step brother), David (older brother), Damien (younger brother), Dan and David Sr. (father). I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this family! It is very cool to have brothers now since I am an only child (and sisters, gotta shout out to Jennifer and April, my sisters-in-law). All of Dan's parents have been wonderful too. I am truely blessed!!

Like I said, these are just a few that happen to already be loaded to my computer (ha). I plan to add a few more posts to show some details (we did a LOT of DIY for our wedding) and more fun from the wedding day. These pictures were taken by the amazing Crystal George. She did such an awesome job and we are so thankful to have had her there to help make our memories last. Check our her site, she also posted a blog about our wedding where you can see more pics!