Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Husband, I am excited about our first camping trip together this weekend! I can't wait to build a fire and cozy up with you! Dear Bugs, please leave me alone while we camp. I don't like you or any of your cousins so just get lost. Dear S'mores, I really want to make you tonight and enjoy your marshmallow chocolatey goodness, but that probably doesn't line up with my P90X nutrition plan I got goin' on...BOO! Dear Livingroom, you look so cute!!! I love your new rug and sofa and I promise your bookshelves shall be painted and your windows dressed very soon! Dear Community Group, I love all of you guys and I am really looking forward to our cookout this weekend! Wednesday nights are something I look forward to every week now too. ;) Dear Ramesses, you made your Daddies very mad this morning (thats just one "Daddy" by the way...thats just how we say it, K?) You are not allowed on mister sofa and you drooled on him and left a spot! You really are a crazy slobbery mouth pup, but we love you. Dear Husband, This week has been so fun with you. I love when we get to settle in and spend time together and our schedules match up. Best weeks ever!

Dear Readers, here is a few photos to show you the grace and wonder that is our lovey pup. Enjoy ;)

This is my trying to get a shot with both of us, he does not cooperate, as you will see...

Kisses! Kisses! Kisses!!

IN THE FACCCCEEEE! Yep. Just like that. 

I think he was happy with himself.

Have a happy weekend!!!!


  1. dear michelle,
    i've heard if you put laundry sheets in your pockets, that the bugs will stay away? might be a rumor.. but it's worth a shot!
    happy camping!
    xx jes

  2. HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE P90X!! I live for these workouts. I've don p90x, Insanity, and p90x2, and now I just started round 2 of Insanity! AH, I get so excited with this stuff.

  3. Cute letters! Have fun camping (I love it).


  4. Have fun camping and LOVE the pup picks! I have 2 Springers .. I understand the difficulty in trying to get a photo!!

  5. Love your Friday letters! New follower.

  6. beautiful work!
    Can we follow each other?:X

  7. HAHAHA!! What an adorable pup!! My puppies are the same, they are so difficult when it comes to pictures! Love those puppy kisses!

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