Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet Ramesses

This is our sweet pup, Ramesses who turned one year old on Jan 1, 2012! He is the sweetest dog I have ever seen in my life. Seriously people, he is just so loving....I really think he doesn't realize he's a dog and not a person, but contrary to his beliefs, he is actually a blue weimaraner.

I guess I had him on my mind because we had to get a puppy sitter for the day (my mom). Weims have severe separation anxiety which has really reared its ugly head lately and is gaining casualties. Over the weekend he somehow moved his cage (after kicking the tray out of the bottom that is normally locked in) and pulled my favorite pair of black riding boots in and had himself a good ol' chew! Luckily he's not always a chewer, he just doesn't know what to do with himself when we leave!

He is also a goofball and loves to roll around on his back and stare at us upside down. Usually he mimics us and how we sit or lay which is quite amusing (we don't lay like this though, for the record).

He really is a sweetie and always has to be touching us (usually in the form of leaning against us). If Dan and I are sitting together, Ramesses feels he needs to be right in the middle of it....all 95 plus pounds of him. I am only guessing at his weight. He hasn't actually been weighed since he hit about 70 pounds but let me just tell you, he is a lump! He likes to give hugs where he puts his face on your shoulder and lays but his body is attached after all and usually makes it where I can't move.

I am currently looking into getting him into some agility classes to give him more obedience and have a way for him to get some energy out. We put him in obedience classes as a puppy and that was really good for him (and us) but I think he would do awesome with more. I will post some updates on how that goes once we figure out all of the details. Are there any other weimaraner lovers out there? What kind of dogs do you have? Are they crazy like mine? :)

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!!


  1. He is adorable. You have some wonderful photos of him! I grew up with a Weimaraner mix, Lavar. He was the best playmate. I've got two wild, crazy Corgis. Love dogs! :)

    1. Thanks, Kirsten! My husband is a great photographer (he does a lot of wildlife and landscapes) and he took these pictures except for the crazy one with the bone which was with my iPhone, lol.

      Corgis are such cute dogs! Lavar is an awesome name too by the way!

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